Melatonin as a Sleep Aid

What Are The Chances Of Having Nightmares?

I’ve been having sleeping problems for a while now, and my doctor suggested melatonin. I took it for the first time tonight in hopes of getting a better sleep. I looked up side effects, and it said that there were some cases of nightmares.

Does anyone know any information at all about whether there is a certain “type” of person (such as females, the elderly, children, etc.) that get this side effect, or if it’s just randomized in everyone?


I have sleep troubles and for me, personally… never felt rested from sleep until I went ahead and I bought melatonin. It was an absolute godsend! Everyone can be different though, so give things a chance before you start thinking trouble right out of the gate. Also, please test out the drug being taken at a time the doctor recommends and if after 2 days or so you find you are having nightmares, try taking it 45 minutes earlier or later, or simply use increments of 45 min blocks of time (as in 45 minutes, 1 1/2 hrs, 2 1/4 hrs, etc) as this is how sleep cycles are “timed”.

If your melatonin wears off when you are in a deep sleep cycle because you mis-timed your dosage, you might feel sluggish,  stressed or grumpy or have had very vivid or scary dreams. If you shift the dose an extra 45 minutes ahead, you might hit a time of light, wakeful sleep and feel very refreshed. So, I guess what I am trying to say is do not be afraid to fiddle with the time to suit your body rhythms. You do not want to give up quickly.

Keywording “sleep cycles” as well as “minimizing melatonin side effects” will bring up some good reading for you to find out more online.

Hope this is clear and has helped, if not email me and I’ll try to clarify, ok? Good luck!

*Edit* btw, I do not know that the side effect is for any specific group, but I highly doubt it! Probably people that didn’t understand what I just told you about timing and sleep cycles.

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