Turquoise Pashmina Brings a Splash of New Color This Year!


Did you see how Jennifer Aniston draped the turquoise pashmina for an airport look? Well, the Pantone colour of 2010 was the magnificence of turquoise and pashmina in coordination with Pantone updated their range. It’s been more than 10 years and still this refreshing blend of blue and green rocks every clothing line!

Pantone – The colour coordinator of fashion domain has enlisted this hue in tow with the social condition of the world. When the world is fighting its battles, the calmness of turquoise helps you to maintain your sanity.

Let the turquoise of the sky blend with the waters of this sea!

It’s the color of the moment!

From celebrities as Kim Kardashian to commoners, the cashmere pashmina is a rage. The primary aspect which makes this wrap one of the most opted for is its multiplicity of style. From draping it over the shoulder to donning it for formal occasions, a pashmina is a friend for all seasons and occasions.

Also, unlike the raging colours of this moment, or quite against pastels which is ‘in’ market, this turquoise shawl can lend a contrast to the get-up. As a matter of fact, this hue is refreshing and brings an emotional balance to the area it is present. A tiring marriage sounds good?

Why not stand out in the blue with your blue?

Are you seeing blue everywhere? Well, it is time to stand out with your turquoise pashmina you can choose an aquamarine or teal evening shawl and wrap it around a peach gown for a dine out.

For all those who are looking forth to use it on a regular basis, just drape around a turquoise pashmina and rush to your office. You can add on your geeky glasses to enhance your look!

How about leaving aside its wrapping context and adding some twist to it? Say, for example, you had to set up the dining space for a dinner party. You can very well use the turquoise pashmina to deck chairs.

Pashminas have always ensured coordination with the best of fashion. Therefore, this hued pashmina brings a soothing refreshing tranquillity to any occasion. Whether you accessorise it with a Gucci bag or with a backless green asymmetrical dress, this will look good on everything!

Style tip: Either leave a pashmina loose on one side or tuck it as a back cover. If it is a backless dress, or halter neck, then twine it from one side and take it from behind. Don’t leave your house without a black pair of heels, a baby pink or nude lip shade and filed nails.

What we have for you!

Pashminas have always been at the helm of fashion in terms of stylish pashminas. Hence, we are proud to announce that this new range of turquoise blended pashminas are available for our clients.

Now you can wrap yourself in the peace of fashion with a pashmina!