Treating Mental Illness

The past few years have evidenced an escalation in mental disorders. While countless reasons serve as the underlying cause, one of the significant factors is a decrease in secretion of melatonin.

So, what is melatonin and how is it related to mental health of individual?

Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-Mthoxytryptamine) is endoneurocrine hormone that is directly associated with sleep. Produced from the pineal gland, melatonin reflects the norepinephrine activity of the brain. Therefore, people with mental disorders tend to go low on melatonin biosynthesis and secretion.

So, using melatonin supplements infuse in a lot of healing effects in treating and improving various pathological mental issues.

melatonin and mental health
melatonin and mental health

Here is a list of catering to the positive relation of melatonin tabs in psychiatric disorders:

Depression and anxiety

A gamut of causes including a combination of psychological, biological and even social sources of distress changes the functional pattern of brain. This includes altered neural circuit activity leading to depression.

Suicidal thoughts, loss of appetite followed by energy level and also sleeping disorder portray as the major symptoms of depression. Considering these adverse symptoms, physicians recommend patient to buy melatonin.

Moreover, these supplements are great aid in controlling anxiety and panic attacks too. Patients with generalised anxiety disorder experience great amount of psychological stress in compare to relatively small problems. Over-the-counter melatonin reduces anxiety to a great extent.

Alzheimer’s disease

Studies say around 45% of AD patients tend to have disruption in their sleep and sundowning distress. The reason is melatonin secretion sees a drastic fall in the pineal glands of AD patients. Considering this severe crisis, psychiatrists propose melatonin supplements in supressing sundowning and improving sleep.  This, in turn, has a positive result on ameliorating the cognitive behaviour of Alzheimer’s disease patients.


Melatonin is also effective as an adjunct therapy to anti-psychotics of schizophrenia and even delusional disorder. For a long period time these supplements remained as an overlooked factor in eradicating various anti-psychotic adverse effects.

However, with the discovery of its augmentation along with the therapeutic drugs, patients seem to have proper sleep, and improved catabolic pathway.


Children suffering from autism often have improper sleep which worsens their condition, experiencing major impairment in their social behaviour. However, when autistic children are kept in proper medication along with oral consumption of melatonin, they seem to have a better life.

Reverse Seasonal Affective disorder

Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a.k.a. Summer SAD is another psychological disorder where there’s a disruption in body’s melatonin level. To treat this short-term disease, doctors say to take melatonin for a faster result.

So, whether it’s an age-long or a short-term mental disease, organic melatonin supplements are exceptionally advantageous in treating psychological disorder. One can avail these tablets online with proper branding and source of ingredients without comprising on health.

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