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Remedy Insomnia The Natural Way

Alternative treatments have been efficient in providing solutions for insomnia and its causes. People suffering from insomnia turn to herbal remedies. Some prefer lemon balm and chamomile tea. These are alright because they have proven to be quite harmless. But for medical establishments, they should label these medicines as herbal, sovepiller håndkøb and natural. However, some natural and herbal remedies contain conventional medicines.

Some the herbal medications taken for insomnia include valerian, melatonin and kava, but there insufficient evidence from research to recommend them. A recent study that has been conducted by the University of Alberta shows that melatonin is not as effective as most people think it to be. Researchers have analyzed the studies that involved around 500 people with various sleeping programs like medication, shift work, jet lag and medication. They found no clear evidence that melatonin has a special role to play for people falling asleep faster.

What is recommended though are the relaxation techniques an insomniac can turn to. These have been proven to be the most effective. These activities require at least 20 minutes before bedtime.

Here are some examples:

  1. Visualization entails a relaxing scene in your head. Try this before actually falling asleep. Think of how it will be like if you really are in the place you are visualizing yourself to be. The more vivid you visualize the place, the more involved your senses will be.
  2. Yoga combines meditation, stretching and deep breathing. Daily yoga for eight weeks can already improve total sleeping time as well as the time needed to fall to sleep.

The traditional cures of insomnia are drinking warm milk before sleeping, taking a warm shower at night, engaging in vigorous exercise for an hour and a half at noon, eating large lunch followed by light dinner three hours before bedtime and avoiding mentally stimulating activities at night.

People with insomnia are also encouraged to get up early in the morning and sleep at a reasonable hour in the evening so that their sleeping habits will improve.

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If all else fails then you have to turn to melatonin in your fight for sleep. You can buy melatonin from a variety of online stores that do ship to most countries. Before you take the plunge please take a minute to watch the below video.

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