Does Your Character Strength Allow For a Exercise Routine


It’s such an invaluable action to take. It’s good for both your physical and mental health and is something we need to all be doing. You are able to workout indoors, outdoors, by itself or with other individuals. There’s something for us all.

Despite all this, at times we can struggle trying to enter into an ordinary regimen of exercise in addition to keeping our motivation once we are started. So, I believed it would be helpful to draw on your 24 character strengths to assist you on your fitness journey. Hopefully you’ll be motivated by all the ideas that follow.

Nevertheless, take particular note of sandals that are your signature strengths as you can utilize these to motivate you the most.

I’ve divided this article into 4 parts. In this particular part I speak about using the subsequent strengths: curiosity, love of learning, open mindedness, creativity, perspective and bravery.

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Curiosity involves taking a concern in the environment and in life. It consists of being curious about other people, objects, places, events and also the self. You will find a lot of ways you can draw on curiosity in the workout program of yours. It is able to help you choose a plan to start with. Chat to other people about whatever they do for training, do a web search, check out a gym or recreation centre.

Curiosity can also help you once you’re exercising regularly. When things start to get dull or perhaps you are not making progress, get interested in what happens to your physical fitness when you try out something slightly different, like changing your running pace or perhaps lifting a heavier weight. Also, use it to try out something totally new to you. Keeping curiosity in mind can help keep exercise fascinating.

Love of learning

Having a love of learning means enjoying learning for the benefit of it — as opposed to because a person has to. Using this strength can help you immensely with your fitness goals. If perhaps you are a novice to work out, start out by checking out general fitness magazines (not the ones that advocate unhealthy and impossible celebrity diet programs though), visit community forums and sign up for newsletters.

It is going to help you develop a whole new outlook to work out as you gain knowledge of its value and also the sorts of exercise available for you. As you progress, make an effort to learn more about the exercise you’re currently involved in – so that you can take it to the following level. You can also learn more about your mind and body as you recognise your capabilities and become stronger and fitter.

Open mindedness

Wide open mindedness is about seeing the world objectively, without bias. An individual is able to examine the pros and cons of a circumstance, without letting their own feelings are able to get inside the way. This can be a good help for all those people who have been told by a wellness professional that they have to start exercising.

No one would like to be criticised and folks detest getting told where to start. But, in case you’re in this situation, take a few minutes to think objectively regarding the circumstances. Precisely why has the surgeon told you to exercise? What sort of exercise? How frequently? What advantages is it going to bring? What difficulties could arise? Do an evaluation if you do not know these answers. If you consider the facts without emotion, you are going to be able to create a clear decision about what you wish to do.


Creativity is not just about producing works of art. It is about coming up with novel ways of doing things and can be worn in most areas of your life. If you have a problem to solve you are able to use creativity to brainstorm prospective solutions.

This could be an enormous help setting up and maintaining an exercise routine. The industry experts agree it is feasible to split up a workout during the day but still gain benefits. And so , in case you’re struggling with locating the time frame to exercise, think of innovative means to fit in mini-workouts.

At what time do you have minutes to spare and what exercise would are employed in that moment? I will leave you to think of ideas on this one, since you’re exercising your creativity! Furthermore, get creative about the type of exercise you do — there is no law that states exercise needs to be achieved in a gym pounding on a treadmill. Think of workouts that will allow you to get puffed (good for cardio), ones which will work the muscles of yours (for strength) and ones that could involve stretches (good for flexibility).


Perspective may be the closest strength to wisdom. With perspective, an individual is able to drawn on their knowledge and experience to bring about more effective solutions to life’s problems. But, it is not about being all-knowing — there is often something to learn.

So to gain better perspective, continue building your body of understanding you will be ready to share with other individuals. Regardless of how seasoned an exerciser you’re, continue learning from others. Think about learning from professionals in areas you know little about. Perhaps you know little about surfing, ice hockey, kung fu, whatever. How might you make use of this knowledge to tweak your own workout program?


Bravery isn’t merely about facing an actual danger — the risk can be psychological or moral also. Based on the kind of exercise you do you might experience a physical danger. The truth is, any sort of exercise can be deemed actually harmful in case you think that long enough about it, as you always face the danger of injury.

However, maybe the biggest fear we face when it comes to exercise is psychological. If you’re in the beginning stages, write down any fears you might have about exercise referral courses. Are you going to be adequate? Can it be way too hard? Use this as an opportunity to work out the bravery strength of yours as well as face every one of your fears. You can continue using bravery throughout your exercise journey. The courage to boost your distances, enter a tournament, and step out of your comfort zone by trying something totally new.

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