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Check out the benefits of melatonin

Planning on flaunting a tanned look for the annual office party? Are the sun tan creams not giving that desired effect? In that case, injecting your body with melatonin can be a great option! These are hormonal peptides that help in stimulating melanocyte receptors in the body that induce a natural tanning process within the body itself.

Thus, in comparison to sprays and creams that are available in the market, this tan inducing peptide does not affect the general functions of the body; while its results regarding tanning process of the body are truly exciting.

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Explaining the mechanism of melatonin

For the uninitiated, melanin is a pigment in human body that helps in managing the skin colour. However, there is a change in its content in case of different people, with some having a higher content of melanin, and others having lower in amount. For those people with a lesser content of melanin, this injectable format of peptide hormone can do the trick.

This melatonin is a specific type of peptide that can be said to be a clone of the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone.

In this process of injecting the body, this peptide is transferred into the blood of individuals in a small amount. Targeting the melanocortin receptors, they start off the process of darkening of the skin and maintaining this tan over a certain time period. Another very important aspect that needs to be understood in this regard is that, unlike tanning via UV rays, this tanning system is peptide-based, so effects are greater and uniform.

Hence, if you are planning to flaunt that tanned skin of yours and that too in a natural way, then this process is scientifically approved.

Beneficial aspects of this injecting system

For those people who are looking forward to enhancing their skin pigmentation, this medicated technique of inserting melatonin has hosts of benefits.

  • Lasting effect:

In comparison to natural tanning procedures or tanning by means of sprays and creams, this injecting of hormonal peptides in the body helps in retaining the tan for a greater time period. So, rather than merely a couple of months; with this technique, effect can stay up to a year with proper maintenance.

  • Minimal exposure to any harmful rays:

There are numbers of tanning belts and laser ray techniques available that enhance this pigmentation of the skin. However, most of these are associated with harmful rays of the sun and hence can result in propping up tumours in your body.

With this injecting of melatonin, the tanning effect comes from within and spreads evenly over the body. So, there are fewer chances of side effects.

  • Controlled usage:

At an initial stage, a minimal dosage of 10-40 mg is administered to people that can be both taken at one single time or can be divided into two segments of 20-25 mg each.

  • Helping in bringing a shape to the body:

What is quite surprising is that, apart from helping in the tanning process, this induces slimming effect in the body and increases libido and penal erection in men.

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Get that ultimate tanned look in your body with melatonin injections!

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