Attention Deficit Disorder

Dear Blue Monkey Herbal,
My 16 yr. old son is going to flunk out of high school if he does not start to apply himself and remember his assignments and his tests and stop daydreaming about what he wants to do after school with his friends. It is summer now but he had to attend summer school to make up for poor grades from last year.

He still doesn’t enjoy reading after all these years! I am going to enroll him in a study skills seminar before school starts. The school tested him and says that ADD is part of the problem – our doctor is willing to try him on an ADD drug.

Attention Deficit Disorder

I have heard that you can give ADD drugs like Ritalin on the days before a big test without giving them ongoing – I am tempted to do this even though I don’t believe in them. I saw the book “Ritalin-Free Kids” by the Reichburg-Ullmans at the library but I can’t figure out which remedy he needs. Can you help?
– M. Chavez, Denver, CO

Dear M. Chavez –
We do seem to expect our children to keep up with the system and to excel even if they don’t enjoy the whole process of institutionalized learning. I wish that there were more options for high school students to learn in a less pressured way, perhaps spending some time with creative people working in the community as a break from books and desks.

Taking a teenager’s homeopathic case and giving the similar remedy, sometimes called a “constitutional remedy”, can make things go better for a student struggling with attention span challenges, and for many there will be improvements in focus, better emotional coping skills, and ability to retain what they have heard and read etc.

The homeopathic interview elicits the information needed to point the way to the right remedy. The parent tells the history of their child’s health, describes their personality and the things that make them unique. Then the child needing the remedy is questioned for things only he can know: Fears, dreams, food desires, sensations, responses to stresses, griefs and traumas etc.

After a homeopath researches the homeopathic literature for your child’s individualizing traits they then make the decision to give the one remedy that fits best. Parents can be very helpful by sharing info with the practitioner about their child that they might have read in homeopathic books and in helping assess progress but it is generally agreed that objectivity is key in managing the case and remedy selection should be left to a professional.

The book Ritalin Free Kid has much good advice for parents but is not meant to be used for as a guide to remedy choice by parents. Good homeopathic treatment over at least six months allows many parents and children to successfully avoid ADD pharmaceuticals.

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