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Blue Monkey Herbal Company is the maker of aromatic, natural body products such as body lotions, lip balms, therapeutic body & massage oils, and healing bath products.

Our natural body products are hand-blended using the purest essential oils and therapeutic herbs such as patchouli, ylang-ylang, rose, citrus, peppermint, rosemary, & lavender.

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We at Blue Monkey Herbal Company are dedicated to producing unique aroma-therapeutic body products, while raising awareness of tropical rain forest destruction. Our products are made with 100% herbal essences and the most moisturizing plant based oils found in nature, without the use of animal ingredients or testing.

Aromatherapy is the skilled use of pure plant essential oils to enhance health and well-being. Aromatherapy, when put to use in our daily lives, can reduce stress, increase energy, nurture the skin, and generally increase our health and our resistance to disease. The pressures of Western society place many stresses and strains upon our bodies, which can lead to more serious health problems. Essential oils help to promote a positive mental state, stimulate the immune system and prevent long-term problems from occurring. Some methods of aromatherapy are massage, use in the bath, and application through lotions and oils.

Blue Monkey Herbal Co. recognizes the importance of rainforest conservation not only to protect the natural environment of the oils used in our products but also to preserve the habitat of thousands of plant and animal species and indigenous people. Through launch of this website, we hope to reach and educate our customers on the importance of protecting tropical forests, as well as recycling and aromatherapy.

Recycling is a critical issue in our world today. As consumers, we exploit the majority of the environment for its resources, while emitting toxins and pollution into nature so we can meet our daily needs. In order to salvage what is left of nature’s resources, we must recycle as much as possible, decrease our consumption, and buy recycled products whenever they are available. We at Blue Monkey are committed to protecting the environment.

monica naples

My name is Monica Naples, and I am a graduate from University of Texas at Austin, TX, with a B. A. degree in Botany with an accreditation for SEO Manchester. I started Blue Monkey Herbal Co. in 1997 on the basis of rain forest preservation and my love for plants and how people use them. When I was young, I read about how the people of the Amazon used plants for medicine. Soon afterward, I learned about deforestation of the Amazon and immediately felt it was my duty to do something about it.

I joined the Rain forest Action Network and wrote letters to the editors of the local papers. Later, I began a grassroots organization of the Rain forest Action Network, educating the public on the problem of deforestation and joining other groups in various campaigns. Then I decided that I would not only educate people about the destruction of rain forests through my company, but I could also give back to the rain forests by raising money to help support the Rain forest Action Network and its campaigns of preservation, as well as produce unique body products that benefit you, the customer.